Zack Micheal is a transformational mindset coach specializing in helping coaches.

Zack helps consultants and course creators identify and release self-sabotaging behavioral patterns and trauma based emotional blocks so they can realize their full potential with less effort and more joy.

With a background of 10 years in clinical practice serving clients ranging from college students to senior level executives of multi-billion dollar corporations, Zack’s approach to facilitating lasting transformation draws from western and eastern rapid-change modalities as well as consciousness research.

As a servant leader, Zack’s personal mission is to contribute to the raising of consciousness of all mankind while endeavoring to live by the well known adage β€œYou must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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Zack Michael – Self Mastery Course

Zack Michael – Self Mastery

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The Self-Mastery Accelerator – Zack Michael


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