thank you for becoming a MindMotion partner!

What's Next?

#1 - Check Your Email

We will review your submission and you will be notified via email additional instructions on managing your account. Meanwhile we would like to have you begin working on the following Partner requirements:


#2 - Your Membership Program Offering

Please submit your subscription course as soon as possible. You can provide audio or video with a lesson title and description. We suggest separating your content in lesson format. The most successful lessons are 4 separate sections with 2 hours minimum and would carry a price point of $197 to $497. If you would like assistance formatting lessons, simply upload your content and we will assist you in formatting.

If in the event you do not have a course prepared, please reach out to Michael. He can be reached on his cell phone in California at: 888-821-1577


#3 - Upload your Programs

You will receive an email with a Dropbox link allowing easy upload of your programs, files etc. This Dropbox link allows for you to upload files easily. Once there, then simply drag and drop any files that pertain to your profile, program offering in audio or video format. This process can also be used for your premium program uploads.


#4 - Your Premium Programs

Your premium programs can be in any format, we would however request the name of the program, a clear description and the price of the program. Please also provide any images associated with your program.


Getting Help

If for any reason you need support or would like to offer suggestions please send a support request to

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