Public Speaking
Steve Sapato has been a speaking and training professional for forty years. He has trained the top industries throughout the mid-west on team building, management, employee retention, how to run successful meetings and public speaking. He has authored several books on business and shared his training skills throughout America. He also has written books on relationships and dating. On his book, The Twenty he interviewed more than 2400 people to find out why relationships worked and didn't work.
His most recent book will be published in 2021 called 'Shut up & Succeed' on learning the skills for great communication.
Steve taught speech courses for seven years and understands the basic needs to overcome your fear of speaking in public and has made a life focused on helping good speakers and presenters become great.
Steve will gladly help you learn the importance of speaking and how it can help your self confidence, improve your chances for a promotion and help you be seen as a leader because you speak with authority.

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