Sonja-Sophie Loeffler

Love and Light

  • Let go of SUFFERING, PAIN and DESPAIR.
  • Step into a LIFE that lifts YOU and those you care for so deeply.
  • Allow LOVE and LIGHT to ENTER your SOUL.
    BE FREE.

I can show you the WAY. YOU can find the strength to walk THROUGH IT.
After years or TRAUMA, collected in childhood, and extended into my adult life, I have finally found the way to FREEDOM, in a combination of everything that I have studied and experienced. Freedom from guilt, shame, anger, depression, fear and anxiety. I have healed myself physically after I had been told I'd need to take medication for the rest of my life!

So I traveled the planet, I sat with Swami's in the Himalaya's, visited with reputable yogis, Master Teachers, Life Coaches, Ayurvedic Doctors, Shamans and more... it was quite a journey, and so worth it!
I have learned to LOVE again. Humanity and my SELF. Inner PEACE and Self -LOVE are possible.
I am now healthier and happier than I have ever been, and YOU CAN TOO!

Over the past twenty years I have studied various modalities, including Suicide Prevention Training (Menninger Clinic) Trauma work with groups & counseling (US ARMY Unit Ministry Team training) Holistic Nutrition (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) Yoga & Meditation (Sivananda Tradition), The Re-connection (A quantum healing modality), Life Coaching (The Ultimate Game of Life) and have been working with Ascended Masters who allowed me to receive transmissions that helped me understand the working of the Ego mind, our Higher Self, the underlying reasons for our suffering, and how to transform ourselves and change our lives in unimaginable ways.

I have gone the LONG WAY. And I have vowed to share what I've learned with YOU, so you can take years off the journey.
I see YOU. I am HERE for YOU.

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