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Shawn Tiberio

Fortifying Your Mind

Shawn Tiberio, a Marine Corps veteran serving 10 years of honorable service. With multiple deployments over the years and extensive training / racing as an Ironman distance triathlete. Entrepreneurship and Mindset has become a must for Shawn.
With a passion to help everyone find the caged lion inside themselves and unleash it. Shawn has set out to work on the mindset, confidence and skills needed to truly build the business they deserve.

“Shawn knows how to get your business talking to humans in a way they resonate with.”

Shawn is a successful serial entrepreneur. Successful building and selling two businesses over the last 9 years. Shawn has since turned his sights on the world of digital sales and marketing. Over the years, Shawn has had the opportunity to work alongside and mentor other entrepreneurs as they were in the early stages of developing their business. Shawn has been invited to speak all over the United States at major entrepreneur conferences and seminars, to share his story of success as well as his proven systems and processes. With multiple companies built and sold, Shawn and his experience are dialed into helping young businesses thrive.

Shawn is also a published author of the book “Fortifying Your Mind”. A book focused on the five key battle-tested leadership tactics any business owner can use to increase productivity. In Shawn’s book, he mixes his combat experience as a United States Marine. With multiple combat operations under his belt, and years of business experience, he has created a foundation anyone can execute and gain results.

Shawn’s specialty is in the art of aligning your sales and marketing into one powerful asset. Teaching small businesses how to tap into the emotional state of their ideal client with powerful marketing. Bringing sales to a whole new level. Knowing who your ideal client is and exactly how to get your business in front of them. Shawn takes his experience, mixed with a tested and proven process to dial in the exact audience your business should be talking to. Ever feel like your marketing just returns crickets instead of the response you hoped it would? Feel like the sales end of your operation is dead? Shawn and his process dial in your focus so you can get your message directed to exactly who want to hear it.

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He is extremely knowledgeable about running a business. He takes a personal interest in the success of his clients and he practices what he preaches! If you need a new website and/or business coaching at any level you need to talk to Shawn!!

Jane Moughon
Your Business Doctor

Thank you so much for a weekend full of growth in many areas of our life! The knowledge you shared with us for next action steps in our business was so helpful. Looking forward to learning more from you in the future. We will see you in California for our next bootcamp!

Marci Nedialkov
Real Estate Investor, AZ

“I had the pleasure of meeting Shawn a few years ago and he’s helped coach me through my business in so many different aspects. He is very motivating and empowering and he’s really helped get us out of our comfort zones.”

Vanessa Sottile
Photographer In Heels

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