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Scott Anthony Speaker, Author and Business Coach

Scott Anthony is The Accidental Millionaire. A Disrupting, Game-Changing Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author and Business Coach. Helping Men and Women Attract High Paying Clients, Whilst Creating The Lives, Incomes, Impacts and Relationships They Love.

Founder & Creator of 'The Success Path' and 'Beyond The Mask', 'Breaking-Through' and 'Unpacking The Crap That Keeps Holding You Back'.

Teaching Coaches, Parents and Business Owners How To Break Free From Limiting Beliefs That Keep Sabotaging Most People's Success.

From a misunderstood misfit kicked out of school at 15 with only a passing grade of year 10, to finding freedom, purpose and possibility after escaping a world filled with fear and imposter syndrome.

From building a multi-million dollar business against all the odds and winning multiple state, national and international awards. to interviewing Dr Phil onstage in front of 2,500 entrepreneurs from around the world.

Scott now spends his days helping other men and women come out from behind the masks that are keeping them trapped from having the success they were born to experience.

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