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Zack Michael – Self Mastery Course

Zack Michael – Self Mastery

By Zack Michael

This course is designed for you to learn the foundational building blocks of how to let go of and undo…

Brendon Giebel - Personal Breakthrough

Brendon Giebel – Personal Breakthrough

By Brendon Giebel


Passionately Pursuing Purpose Audio Training Series

By Andy Craig

In this six audio training series Andy Craig walks you through discovering your Purpose in Life, how to see Your…

Dom Faussette - Increase Your Leadership

Increase Your Leadership

By Dom Faussette

This training will teach you to connect with your authentic purpose and to think react and lead. Within you is…

Rejecting Rejection – A Sales Course

By Scott Schilling

At some time in every salesperson’s career they experience a feeling of rejection.  It could be regarding a presentation they…

Linda Morrison – Beat procrastination and catapult your results!

By Linda Morrison

The Modern GENX woman does it all! She is a modern CEO of the household, kids, extended family business(businesses!), husbands,…

Erna Mary Sutic - Branding Lab For Entrepreneurs

Erna Mary Sutic – Branding Lab For Entrepreneurs

By Erna Mary Sutic

Welcome to the Branding Lab For Entrepreneurs program! This self-study program serves as a roadmap and guide so you can…


By Nina Boski

COURSE DESCRIPTION In this two-hour master class, transformational business, and energy, coach Nina Boski shows you how to set up…

Sherry Gideons - Success Principles

Success Principles – 10 Golden Rules To Greatness

By Sherry Gideons

Hello my name is Sherry Gideons teaching you about setting big goals. I will be be introducing to you success…

Eric Konovalov – Create Your Dream Future

By Eric Konovalov

Do you have dreams for the way your life should be? Do you have Goals that you desire to achieve?…


Jim Lutes – Mind Masterpiece

By Jim Lutes

Mind Masterpiece training is the same training used by celebrities, elite athletes, and highly successful entrepreneurs to level up their…

Shawn Tiberio – Mastering The Art of Fortifying Your Mind: Quitting Your Mind

By Shawn Tiberio

Based on the award winning book Fortifying Your Mind, Author Shawn Tiberio breaks down how you can take control of…

Lynesa Williams - Stuck In A Fat Body, Choose Happy!

Lynesa Williams – Stuck In A Fat Body – Choose HAPPY

By Lynesa Williams

Do You Feel Stressed Or Stuck Trying To Lose Weight? “Stuck In A Fat Body – Choose HAPPY,” is a…

Takara Shelor – Activating Your Intuitive Superpower

By Takara Shelor

How would you like to know EXACTLY where to be, what to say, and what to do to land a…

Anthony Russo – How to overcome Failure – Double Down For Success

By Anthony Russo

This course starts from scratch in terms of building a strong mindset.  Anthony will take you from wherever you are…

Cheri Tree – Life Empowerment

By Cheri Tree

Cheri shares her knowledge on “Life Empowerment”. Here is more about Cheri: Tree is a best-selling author, professional keynote speaker,…

Heather Hakes – Personal Mastery Blueprint

By Heather Hakes

In this course you will learn the power of your mind and how to have, be and do anything you…

Ignite Your Spiritual Connection

Corinne Lebrun – Ignite Your Spiritual Connection

By Corinne Lebrun

Have you felt like the last year has left you feeling a little disconnected from your true self? You are…

Building Your Audacious Confidence for Every Situation – Alicia Couri

Audacious Confidence

By Alicia Couri

Welcome to my course on building Audacious Confidence for any situation in your life, from the boardroom to television appearances.…

Dr. Christy Wise - Good To Great Relationships

Good To Great Relationships – Dr. Christy Wise

By Dr. Christy Wise

This training will level you up when  you want to find incredible meaning in your relationship so you can live…

Jim Britt – Money And You

Jim Britt – Money And You

By Jim Britt

No matter what you do for a living…regardless of your education, level of business experience, or current financial status… If…

Clear to Lead Program

By Raamon Newman

Welcome to the Clear to Lead program! Whether you’re a seasoned leader or looking to grow as a leader into…

The Power Persona Principle

Rocky Buckley – The Power Persona Principle

By Rocky Buckley

We live in a social age. If you’re the face of your business, if you’re a leader with any kind…

AmyLee Westervelt – Scripting Your Dreams Into Life

By AmyLee Westervelt

The difference between people who have what they desire and those who don’t is that they know what they want.…

Rewrite Your Story, Rewire Your Life

By Laura Haug

In Rewrite Your Story, Rewire Your Life we will identify the unique stories that have been playing out in your…

Scale your Business and Brand - Christopher Salem

Scale your Business and Brand

By Christopher Salem

Empowering and serving business leaders, entrepreneurs in various industries, sales executives, coaches, authors, speakers, and others, taking their business and life to another level. Christopher Salem

Fictional Authenticity – The Course – Start Living Your Real Life

By Alex Terranova

What if you lived your life from what you were excited about, passionate about, and from what you loved? What…

Perfect Procrastination - Jo Jackson

Perfect Procrastination

By Jo Jackson

We all know the feeling of wanting to do it, yet somehow not getting to it. Procrastination starts small, though…

Alex Terranova – Stop Procrastinating

By Alex Terranova

This 7 module program is designed to support you to level up!  What does that mean?  Well, if you eliminated…

How to Manifest Faster Using Thought and Intention - Diane Forster

How to Manifest Faster Using Thought and Intention – Diane Forster

By Diane Forster

Hey there!  I’m Diane Forster. Some of my clients call me “The Dream Come True Maker” and “The Miracle Queen!” …

Confidence and Success – The Power of Showing Up Confidently!

By Margie Dunki-Jacobs

Statistics tell us that 95% of people struggle with lack of confidence.  It isn’t the confidence we struggle with.  It’s…

The Secret To Conscious Creation

Jenine Lori – The Secret To Conscious Creation

By Jenine Lori

The Secret to Conscious Creation – Fast track to positive manifestation We are always manifesting and creating. The question is…

Katerina Cozias – Media Mindset Mastery Audio Series

By Katerina Cozias

In this insta-digital world we now find ourselves having to navigate, on-camera presence and your ability to convey information effectively…

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In partnership with these highly successful professionals, trainers, speakers and gurus, we have compiled content that targets the wellness of the mind, body and spirit. From these three, success flows unhindered. Using this concept, we have built a powerful life-changing platform allowing you to progress through the three stages of development to target any missing potential in your life. Success is simply the byproduct of these three areas of life allowing you to know how to prepare and execute every aspect of your life. When the mind, body and soul are focusing on a single goal, success happens. Our educators and speakers focus on these crucial concepts to transform and maximize the human potential.

what is Mind Motion academy?

Mind Motion Academy is a powerful platform that allows you to access knowledge for every area of your life. From finances, relationships, emotions, and health. Collectively Mind Motion brings multiple talents from around the world to share information, trainings, courses and content contained within the Mind Motion Library. We welcome you to look around and engage with some of these life transforming programs.