The Self-Mastery Accelerator – Zack Michael


Have you ever wondered why the successful life and business that you desire seems to be constantly out of reach?

Why some experience achieving success as very hard and others make it look effortless?

You see, when your conscious and unconscious mind is out of alignment, achieving anything worthwhile is downright hard. The big secret is that it’s not supposed to be. Successful living is meant to be effortless.


Achieving the results you currently experience is effortless, right? That’s because your current external reality or, life experience, is the natural, automatic consequence of who you ARE, in terms of thought, feeling and behavior.

The reason why some people experience effortless success is due to an internal alignment between the conscious and unconscious mind. It’s when beliefs, expectations, thought patterns and behaviors ALL align. Achieving this alignment may sound challenging, but when you understand the language of the unconscious mind, re-alignment is actually very simple.

The Self-Mastery Accelerator was created to make this process of re-alignment very simple.

It’s built upon three core phases.

Phase 1: Clarity

You begin by gaining crystal clarity on exactly how YOU hold yourself back. Self-doubt, unworthiness, feeling "not good enough," fear of failure/success. However you hold onto the unconscious beliefs that hold you back, this phase will help you gain the crystal clear insight you need to clear it all out.

Phase 2: Clearing

Once you’ve made the unconscious, conscious, it’s time to clear out all the toxic beliefs you’ve uncovered and heal your mind in preparation for the learning of effortlessness in the next phase.

Phase 3: Conditioning

In the third and final phase, you’re now ready to condition your mind to an entirely new level of mind. The level of mind where external success is the natural and effortless consequence of the internal success you’ve cultivated within.

Experiencing success is simple. The process of creating success WITHIN is simple as well, provided that you have the right system and guidance.

The Self-Mastery Accelerator is proven, effective and simple.

While people from all walks of life have transformed their lives within SMA, it’s not open to just anyone.

If you’re certain that it’s time to break free from your past and create a new future now, you’re invited to take the next step and see if you qualify for our mentorship program.