The EmPOWERment Package – Takara Shelor


Three of Takara’s bestselling programs together for your personal empowerment … so you can become unstoppable!  Magnificent U Meditation Program – take a deep dive into inner peace, transformation, raising your vibration, viewing life from a whole new perspective, releasing the past, aligning with the Divine, clearing & balancing the chakras (energy centers) all while in a very deep theta level brainwave state listening to real whale & ocean sounds and being guided on shamanic vision journeys by the soothing voice of bestselling meditation author, 

Takara Shelor. 14 audios, 1 video, 1 ebook.  Dowsing for Divine Direction – a powerful program teaching you how to really communicate with the Divine. Learn how to actually, and precisely, receive answers from your Higher Self, your Guides, and even directly from Source. Utilizing a series of charts that you can use again and again (each with its own unique purpose), 

Takara shows you how to ask all sorts of empowering questions AND receive real answers. 7 videos, an ebook (pdf) &; a dowsing chart (pdf).  Magnificent U Manifesting Program – learn how manifesting really works. In this in-depth program, she teaches you many beneficial techniques, tips, and tools that can make all the difference in the achievement of your dreams. 

One of her bestselling books on Law of Attraction was endorsed by Jack Canfield and received the Must Read seal of approval from Law of Attraction magazine. Suffice it to say, she knows a thing or two about how manifesting really works. This course is focused around creating vision boards and includes lots of additional insights on manifesting in every area of life. 8 videos, 7 workbooks.

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30 Min. Connection Call, 9 Week Program