The Complete Blueprint To A Superior Man (MEN ONLY) – Brendon Giebel



A complete ’24 Chapter Course’ that has taken 100’s of men from a place of powerlessness, to a place of power. If you are a man and you’re not happy with your current life, you have two options, 1. Do nothing and keep doing the same old s**t or 2. Take control of your life and become the best version you can be.

This program allows for that. Based on Brendon’s book, ‘The Modern Man’s Code’ this course guides men through a step-by-step process who want to live life to the fullest with Character, Honor, and Integrity. This lays out a challenge before all men to fulfil their true purpose and to be authentically masculine. Guiding men on a journey through an EXACT systematic process to a successful and spiritually complete way of living.

You’ll examine the current state of men’s beliefs, limitations and expectations of society and then will show you how to navigate up, out, over, and through the challenges, life throws you as a man. Learn how to achieve success, balance, and happiness in four key areas of your life – physically, spiritually, with family relationships, and career or business.

This is for you if:
– You feel unfulfilled in your current life.
– You are just going through the motions every single day…
– You want to better the connection with yourself and the people around you.
– You feel lost, alone and have no purpose in life.
– You want to take your life to the next level.
– You want to break free from your current limitations.
– You want to become the man you were created to be.

– The full 24 Chapters video and audio course.
– Bonus resources to go with every aspect of the course
– Access to the AMD mobile app
– Downloadable templates, guides, resources
– Guided meditations
– Plus more…