Meditation Skills for Busy Professionals – Corinne Lebrun


One on One Coaching

30 minutes discovery session – $149
One Hour Session- $299
4 week program – Meditation to Make Your Mind Your Friend – $1,400
9 week program – Meditation a Habit – $2,199
12 weeks – Meditation as a Lifestyle Choice – $2899

Programs Include:
Weekly one-hour zoom coaching
Twice a week habit check-ins
Ability to text and reach out during the week
Portfolio of personalized meditation tools that will last for a lifetime
A copy of my book “A Handbook for Badass Spiritual Warriors.”


Meditation is scientifically proven to have numerous health benefits. Yet developing a habit of mediation can be challenging in this busy world!

This one-on-one coaching program is designed to help you design the meditation habits that work for your personality, lifestyle and goals. You will explore different types of meditation and have the tools you need for different situations in your life; pranayama (focus on breath), mantra meditation, mindfulness meditation, guided journey meditation, music meditation, and oneness meditation. I’ve been a meditation practitioner since I was a teenager, and have also studied the positive health effects of meditation in my academic research. I love helping people learn how to develop the habits to make their mind their friend, and finding the spaces that lead to inner peace.

We will work with tools such as affirmations, music, and identifying how to make small changes to your environment that will have an enormous impact on your positive habits. You will challenge your comfort zones, to step out and embrace more and more of your true self.

When you are able to develop a consistent daily meditation practice, then YOU are meeting the world from a centered place, rather than the world coming “at you.” You are less reactive, have more clarity, and find yourself being more creative and even see more opportunities!

This program will help you:

Develop the “habit of meditation”
Overcome anxiety and stress
Find the meditation tools that work for your unique life
Release blocks
Explore different types of meditation
Decrease anxiety and stress
Uncover a deeper sense of meaning
Decrease depression
Feel more connected to life
Feel more connected to your soul

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30 Minute Discovery Call, 4-week course