Dream Design Coaching – AmyLee Westervelt



We will work together PRIVATELY on the following things:

1. Disconnect to Reconnect- We will create a plan to get you unplugged from the energies that drain you and reconnected to source energy and intuitive guidance. Rather than getting sabotaged by distractions and noise, your intuition will guide you toward your most aligned action and help you discover your unique blueprint for your life!

2. Define- Now that you have tapped back into your intuition it’s time to start laying out some possible dreams on the table. We will do some dream mapping and NLP work to clear up limiting beliefs and to establish evidence procedures for how you will know you have reached the dream! Imagine knowing EXACTLY what you want and being crystal clear on what it will look and feel like when it arrives!

3. Design- Now that you know what you want it’s time to start designing your next level identity! You will shift your energy and awareness into that of your next level self. Using visual images and written affirmations you will paint this person into your timeline and collapse the space between your present and the quantum dream life! Using the tools I provide you will plan out what next level you is- through all of your senses so that you can begin to see the world through her eyes! The truth no one tells you is that you can change your behaviors all day long but if you don’t change how you identify, you will always revert back to the person who believes what you always believed. Shifting your identity is what puts you on the path that aligns with your dream.

4. Divine: Lastly, it’s time to step into the next-level you! You will begin to feel into the space of becoming her and doing all the things she does. This phase is where we implement your daily rhythm and utilize all the tools in the manifestation toolbox to help you collapse time and live into your dream life and world! Never again will you have to ask yourself “how do I do this?” You will know exactly what to do with your day and your energy to align with your purpose!

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