Diamond Within Personal Mastery Consulting with Takara Shelor


Discover your Diamonds and Gold Within – that means your unique gifts & talents, your passion, your purpose and your joy. Awaken, activate, accelerate your journey to personal spiritual mastery!


  • Experience a radical rise in vibration and the clarity and harmony within that comes along with it.
  • Learn about the extraordinary Platinum Principle(TM) and how each area of life that you apply it to can experience sometimes profound levels of improvement.
  • Uncover not only the internal and external blocks that have kept you from your greatness, but also precisely how to best address each one. Utilizing a special tool (she spent 20 years developing), she will help you get all the way down to the root cause of whatever is standing in your way. AND help you utilize precisely what you (uniquely) need to transform it so you can move on.

Much of the information that Takara will share, the processes she will have you experience, and the techniques she will teach you are available exclusively through her and were through what she calls Divine Revelation. Her keen intuition and finely-tuned Divine connection will help catapult you forward (in a gentle  nurturing way) toward your ultimate Divine life purpose.

1 on 1 coaching program.
4 60-minute calls per month.
Additional videos, worksheets, audios, and other tools when, and if, you need them.

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30 Minute Discovery Call, Awaken – 3 months (12 weeks), Activate – 6 months (24 weeks), Accelerate – 9 months (36 weeks)