Catapult with Katerina: Strategic Media Development & PR Consulting


Known in leading circles as The Ultimate Media Upgrade – Catapult with Katerina will lead entrepreneurial ventures to national levels of success by developing their visionaries’ media mindset, confidence and charisma in concert with the formulation of strategic media exposure tactics that allow clients to gain the respect, visibility, and ultimately the national media exposure that will see them established as Brand Authorities in their space.


The Ultimate Media Upgrade and Signature Visibility System provide:

– Strategic Design Models that significantly increase the media visibility and brand exposure of your business.

– A national network of skilled public relations and media affiliates that work with you to Pitch, Polish & Promote your message for maximum leverage with the media gatekeepers (producers, editors and correspondents).

– The ability for you to “sow the seeds” of success and increase your publicity by training you on how to leverage all 4 pillars of the media (Television, Radio, Print & Digital) for onmi-media brand growth, and exposure elevation.

– Work with you to identify and shed clarity on your unique media-persona while illuminating your purpose and magnifying your impact.

– Counsel you to strategically position your messaging and language (including your body language) for continued high performance success and growth.

– Partner with media networks (both TV and Radio) to produce and distribute media platforms that are specifically designed to create media exposure for your business, increase your followers, build brand loyalty and grow your sales.

– Provide you with a powerful and trusted media partnership that is in the best interest and of the highest value and integrity for all parties involved. Objective: To generate community impact and record-breaking sales through the development and practical application of a targeted media strategy and curated media exposure systems. Implementation: Achieve extensive major editorial placement in high profile publications: print, broadcast/television, radio and the internet. Targets: Health & Wellness, Integrative & Holistic Medicine, Body & Fitness, Lifestyle, Business, News, Global Wellness, Traditional & Complementary Medicine, Transformation, Nutrition & Weight Loss, Workplace Wellness, Science, Personal Care & Beauty, Motivation & Empowerment, Spirituality, Genetic Health, Female Entrepreneurship and more.


  • The creation of your expert media persona
  • The identification & creation of your unique media hook
  • The crafting of your 3 brand and media “hot topics”. The identification of newsworthy speaker points o The creation of high impact sound bites for maximum impact
  • The design and subsequent dissemination of your Electronic Press Kit
  • Training on how to give off the impression of increase and the importance of it
  • How to communicate from “the truth plane” o Confidence, Charisma, Persuasion & Influence training
  • On camera media training (the power of the pause / voice tonality / first impressions)
  • How to pitch producers with just one phone call. Education on the importance of the 3E’s (Engage, Enlighten & Entertain your audience)
  • Identification of your 4R’s (Why you must Relate and Reveal in the context of the conversation for Ratings and Results)
  • The adoption of a value delivering system geared towards tripling your media visibility within 90-days
  • And much more

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