2 Phase Breakthrough for Personal Growth & Rapid Transformation – Brendon Giebel


Gain The Freedom To Flow With Life Free From The Past – Live An Extraordinary Life That Excites You And Has Been Created By You, By Your Design

Each of these 2 programs focuses on a unique aspect and approach, allowing you the space to rise through the 2 critical phases of personal growth and rapid transformation. Each phase consciously evolves you through learning, growing, owning and mastering yourself and the world around you.

Throughout the program, you’ll take a deep look at your personal systems of living, models of reality and the internal operating system that has been installed into you unconsciously. You’ll become aware of your own patterns and beliefs in a completely new light. You’ll gain 14 empowering personal freedom tools you can use to instantly upgrade your inner programming, free yourself from any further stress and permanently transform how you think, perform, and show up in the world for the years to come.

Once you reach the end, you’ll have a completely new outlook on life, the people around you will be different towards you, and finally, experience the fullest extent of your personal growth and power.



Through a beautifully optimized framework, your mind is reconditioned with the same time-tested insights and life-shifting techniques that Brendon has used to dramatically alter the course of his client's lives, not to mention his own.

Your entire approach to life will evolve as you discover how to:

  • Live a life that excites you, a life you want to jump out of bed in the mornings and a life that is created by you, by your design...
  • Free yourself from the past; without doing this, you'll never be able to truly move forward in your life...
  • Align your subconscious personal value system with your life goals and link the neural networks together, so they are all firing in unison...
  • Forgive yourself for any wrongs you think you may have done, and forgive anyone you think has wronged you...
  • Become fully present in everything you do and stop overthinking or worrying about little things in your life...
  • Face stressful situations head-on - not with fear or anxiety, but as an opportunity for growth and learning...
  • Prevent you from being the “victim” of forces beyond your control and steers you on the right path...
  • Develop the unshakable ability to train your mind to overcome obstacles through powerful re-framing techniques so you can turn the tables on “tragedy”, no matter what is happening around you.

In short, all past patterns of struggle, uncertainty, emotional pain and suffering, self-doubt, and trauma will become a distant memory for you as you rise to the highest possible levels of personal mastery and self-awareness.

To give you more context, many people try and improve themselves by adding even more ‘self-help stuff’ into an already congested mind. A mind that is already full of congestion will become foggy, cloudy, and lose clarity. From this place, any decisions to be made, any life directional changes wanting to be explored, any new relationship desiring to enter, any career path that doesn’t leave you fulfilled anymore, will always be clouded with these past congested minds that most people are walking around with. Cue mid-life crisis.

To fully move forward with your life, you MUST clear and release attachments from your past. They are like your shadow; they’ll always follow you until you shine the light on them and integrate them.


  • 3hr initial Detailed Personal History - Discuss intentions, goals and outcomes while discovering and uncovering the deeper subconscious blocks and internal mental programs. Brendon will design your personal roadmap and experience from this Session.
  • 90 - 120 Minute Bi-weekly Sessions - Re-train, re-learn and re-align all current subconscious internal programming and drop all outdated programs, beliefs and emotions that no longer serve a purpose.
  • The Advanced Flips - Personal Freedom Tools – Access to our cutting edge toolkit on completion of the program. No matter what future situation, event, circumstance or “tragedy” occurs, The Advanced Flips will develop the ability to overcome all future obstacles.
  • 15 – 20 Minute Check-ins – Short video or voice calls between main sessions to ensure smooth and consistent progression, transitions and integration.
  • The ‘Creating Your Future’ Framework – No more guesswork and leaving the future up to chance. Consciously create and design the next 10 years worth of meaning, fulfilment and passion.
  • GUARANTEE – Brendon has helped transform his clients' lives dramatically and 100% stands by this program. In a world full of big promises, he stands above the crowd and takes the risk off the client. Therefore, if this program isn’t life-changing, Brendon will refund everything invested.

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