How the Mind Motion Partnership Works

I’d like to briefly explain the benefits of Mind Motion Academy and what it can do to the trajectory and profitability of your business. Mind Motion Academy is a very powerful platform where we will be bringing on the most talented individuals worldwide.

Membership programs that get you paid monthly

The Mind Motion Membership Program will function off a subscription model for members. You’ll contribute a minimum of 1 course into the Mind Motion Library to be used in the subscription model at your discretion. We will have other partners adding contributions as well. The subscription model will be $49 per month for subscribers to the Mind Motion Membership and we pay 30% of that $49, split equally amongst Mind Motion contributors. As we scale the membership into the tens of thousands, those profit will be passed on to you, a true partnership.

Sell your Premium Programs

As a partner, you will be able to sell your premium programs. Members will experience your content, and will return to you and browse and purchase your premium programs. These can be events, courses, videos or audio programs. Any programs purchased from your premium programs, you’ll receive 70% and Mind Motion will retain 30% to continue growing the platform.

Transforming Hearts & Minds Wordwide

As we build Mind Motion, the PR, SEO and visibility ultimately will benefit you as well as the collective. Exposure with the Mind Motion platform benefits everyone; Partners, subscribers and ultimately improving the human condition.