Submission requirements for MINDMOTION Academy (Partners)

We’re excited to have you on as partners sharing knowledge with members worldwide. To ensure that the platform continues to be a service of excellence, all partners are required to submit the following using these guidelines: 

Every partner should fill out the intake form available at this link. 


MINDMOTION Academy Partner profile setup 


Name: Full legal name to be used for payment. 


Email address: Your accurate email address will be used as the primary contact for notifications for enrollments in your programs, updates from MINDMOTION Academy and Payment notifications. 


Phone: Used primarily for communication with staff for payments, scheduling and support. 


For payment and tax purposes, you will be operating as: If you are an Individual, DBA, LLC, or Corp, please use that information in the form. This provides information for payment and end of year tax prep. Once your account is approved and set up, you’ll be able to login and provide your tax information for your 1099 securely within the MINDMOTION Academy dashboard.


Choose your field of expertise: Helps us define categorically your area of expertise. You’ll notice in the image below the many categories available to members. 


Profile Picture: Please provide a high-quality professional image to be used for your profile. The most effective profile images are always crisp, clear and looking directly into the camera. 


Profile/Bio: To be used in your profile/bio to share with the MINDMOTION Academy members. Please pay close attention to detail in your profile and also be sure not to mention outside links, contact information etc. to remain compliant with the terms of use agreement. Please review terms here: 


Testimonials: Testimonials can be in written form, but the most effective testimonials are always video testimonials. You can use the upload function to upload videos to be used on your profile. If you have video URLS please list them. 


Social media accounts: Please add all of your available social media accounts to be added to your profile. 


Media uploads: Using this form you can upload Word documents, PDFs, images and video. Any uploaded media will be used on the profile.


Membership program: all partners are required to provide a program or training with a minimum of 2 hours in length that will carry a price point of $197 to $497 to be submitted to the MINDMOTION Academy library to be made available to all members. 


MINDMOTION Academy partners also submit an online LIVE contribution of a minimum 1 hr every 90 days of additional content added to the MINDMOTION Platform. This allows all partners to remain contemporary and current with members, further benefiting your partner brand! 

These programs can be made available in audio format, but the most effective programs are always a video training series. If you need assistance with assembling content, you can reach out to and we will assist in setting up your program for you free of charge. 


Getting Help 

The MINDMOTION Academy support staff is dedicated to ensure that your integration into the platform is as seamless as possible. We make ourselves available to assist in profile creation, image editing, video editing and course creation. Basically, if you’re missing parts of your profile, or need help setting up membership offerings, we’re here to help! 

You can reach out to the support staff at Or you can simply fill out this form here: