We are going to have a subscriber contest!

Whoever brings in the most subscribers for $15.99 will win the contest.

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Let’s have some fun and build you an income stream at the same time. The contest will be From October 20 to November 30.

Whoever brings in the most subscribers for $15.99 will win the contest.

Criteria 1: Whichever instructor brings in the most subscribers signups wins!

Criteria 2: Mind Motion Academy must have a collective total of at least 200 new subscribers minimum.

Here's what you'll get!

1) You will be staying at a premium penthouse on the 37th floor at the iconic Harbor Club building with a 360° view of the city harbor and ocean. Stunning!

2) Jim Lutes will be taking you on a personal tour of the historic Gaslamp District downtown where you will experience the finest establishments

3) Saturday night dinner extraordinaire at the trendy Lionfish restaurant.

4) $1000 spending money.

Keep in mind that this platform is grouping us all together for accelerated residual income, market impressions, and premium program sales. If you have any questions please reach out let’s set some goals and remember more eyeballs means more exposure.

Remember, it’s not about selling the platform, it’s about selling life-changing access to an individual all for the price of a salad. As you know we created the platform as a collective not charging anyone to be in it, so as we level up the platform we want to make sure that the original design for you remains true.

We appreciate your patience during the initial launching of the platform we have big goals and you are a big part of them

To your success, Jim

Let’s go big.