The Mind Healing The Body

The Mind Healing the Body - Jim Lutes

I am certain we all agree that we want to enjoy a life of good health. What is the point of wanting wealth and great relationships if we don’t have good health and vitality to enjoy all these things?
By using specific  techniques you can begin to take advantage of the universal power.  You have access through your subconscious mind to cultivate true health and wellness. Regardless of what you may believe is responsible for your physical health and well-being, if you understand you already have internally the power to heal through your thoughts, it is possible to create a response to your the body.

Mental and emotional makeup determines the health in our bodies

Please don't  think I’m blaming the victim by suggesting people with disease have thought themselves into it. I will acknowledge there are several other factors that come into play, and human physiology is indeed a complicated thing. However there are also numerous accounts of people who have experienced spontaneous healing and evidence pointing to the power of the mind. This can be a contributing factor to the healing process. Positive thinking can can be a major factor in the healing process once you become aware of the power of thoughts and begin to actively choose which thoughts to hold in your mind.

Move into a place of being in control of your thoughts.

You can never totally control your thoughts. Your thoughts will forever come and go like waves in the ocean. You can begin to pinpoint which thoughts come up that are just old limiting beliefs, imprinted upon you without your conscious choosing. You can choose to let those thoughts go rather than engage in holding them in your mind.  When it comes to healing, regardless of the nature of the ailment, the practice of holding positive thoughts is invaluable.

Some people might recommend using positive healing affirmations so you can switch your thinking in a minute to negate the negative thoughts. While this is effective, it is not always enough.
Powerfully visualizing a  well body and emotionalizing this will take your healing to a deeper level. Using emotionalized thought processes have a more profound result because they access the subconscious mind.

The reality is that people who suffer from a health challenge and focus on their disease are consistently reaffirming that the disease exists. They repeat phrases such as: I am sick, I must get rid of this, I don’t want to feel like this, this illness is no good, what happened to me, or how do I get over this? The reinforcement of the very illness or syndrome that they are stating is compounded and creates an ongoing indefinite syndrome. I found the same scenarios in many people with whom I worked with and I’ll give you an example of one particular situation.

A client named Karen came to see me when she was suffering from a specific syndrome. This was at a time when I was accepting select private clients. Karen came to me because she had been to several physicians and other healers in the alternative modalities. A routine test taken by Karen showed to be normal yet she was still experiencing symptoms of malaise, foggy brain, and fatigue. All of the big systems that seem so common today. We first put her in a deep state of Hypnosis in the initial session. First, however, I made sure to detach any form of ego gratification she may be seeking from being ill. What I mean when I say detach from ego gratification is that some people will subconsciously seek attention by being ill and want to receive empathy and compassion from others for being sick. This is not overly common but you do see it occur in many cases.

When I engage in Hypnosis with a client for the purposes of physical healing I always want to make sure there is a detachment from the core attachment to the ego. Once Karen entered into a state of Hypnosis we had the subconscious mind identify with the desired outcome versus the actual reality and then program health. Now using descriptive terms we emotionalize those terms and plant them in the neural pathways. By doing so we access the mechanisms that are working internally 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This allowed Karen to create the state she desired. This is just an adjunct to the utilization of traditional medical care. It can be a complementary treatment. Karen began to see results in a matter of days and went on to regain full health.

We all understand how frustrating it can be to have an illness that you are not recovering from quickly. By integrating strategies within the subconscious you can alleviate a vast majority of symptoms and then allow the body to speed up the healing process. We have the physical capability to keep our bodies functioning perfectly yet mentally we run all over the place. What do you think you create? Believe it to be true and it is true. You have access to this universal power within you and infinite support in creating the result  you desire. The subconscious mind responds to vision and emotion.

We have all heard of the placebo effect which has a physiological change based on belief systems. An entire area of science called psychoneuroimmunology has also embraced the mind-body mechanism.

The good news is you already possess all of the tools

The good news is you already possess all of the tools to integrate this into your preventative healing regimen as well as your direct and healing regimen toward any syndrome or disease. The more you understand how to utilize your mind the more that synchronization between the mind and the body becomes more fluid. As we progress with the study of the mind. It's not unlike an oceanographer or an astronomer exploring unexplored territory. Every year people are discovering new strategies, techniques, and outcomes that originated in the genesis of this subconscious mind. Whether it be your relationships, your emotions, your Health, or your finances, utilization of this powerful tool can create lasting change.