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As a Confidence Breakthrough Success Coach, Margie doesn't just coach clients. She shortens the learning curve by years to save her clients time, stress and money in growing and scaling a thriving business, helping to secure funds for her clients and other small business owners and entrepreneurs at 0% financing with no collateral and no credit hit. The smartest thing Margie ever did was hitch her caboose to an express train of high-end coaches and mentors when starting into business for herself, one that was already moving fast and knew the tracks to run on. Because of this, she gained years of experience in a very short timeframe. As an Inspirational Speaker, Margie encourages her audience to step out with confidence, grow the business of their dreams and replace the word overcome in every area of overwhelm.

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Margie Dunki-Jacobs - Showing Up Confidently!

Confidence and Success – The Power of Showing Up Confidently!

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