Lynesa Williams

Lynesa is an accomplished author, speaker and trainer.

Lynesa Williams comes from small and humble beginnings. Even though Lynesa was born in Long Branch, NJ, and spent much of her life living in Los Angeles, CA, New York City, NY, and Panama Canal overseas, she calls Murfreesboro, TN, her home.

In December 2004, Lynesa L. Williams was at the height of her life - an 11-year married Mother-at-Home with three beautiful children.

However, by January 2008, she had lost it all – her husband, her home, and the life that she had grown so accustomed to. At that point, she knew she had to begin to search for a new life path that would satisfy her needs for both professional and personal growth. Lynesa knew it was time to discover her AUTHENTIC self and start Living LYNESA...Loving Yourself "NOW" Empowers Success Ahead.

After two months of learning to stand in her Power and live her life in Full Voice, Lynesa took her newfound discovery of herself along with her past experience as a successful corporate executive and transitioned seamlessly into the multi-level marketing industry, where she quickly earned top honors as Rookie of the Year and Company MVP for her continued multi-million-dollar earning records with the company she represented.

Lynesa is able to talk the talk because she has definitively walked the walk β€” a walk filled with pain, uncertainty, fear, and ultimately joy and blessings. She has been through what so many of us have been through instability, problems with our home life, children, partners, finances, and the stark and painful reality that somewhere along the line, she had somehow lost herself.

Lynesa is an Accomplished author of three published books - "Take The Popcorn Out of Your Pancakes," "The Eulogy," and her latest published book "Over 40 Stuck In A Fat Body" now an Amazon #1 Bestseller.

But if asked, Lynesa would say that she is most proud of being the inspirational founder of "The BellaBody" – a Biblical Based nine (9) week weight loss program that transforms your Mindset regarding your relationship with yourself and unhealthy practices. See, where the Mind goes, the Body must follow.

Lynesa is currently a proud mother of twin daughters, Jasmine and Jessica, one son, Stephen, and two beautiful granddaughters, Jimille and Jaselle.

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