Joanna Banka

Joanna - Self Mastery Coach

Having a remarkable intuitive gift since birth, Joanna is one of the most talented Intuitive Healers and Self Mastery Coaches today. Joanna has a deep understanding of how the Universe works. Her passion is working with the subconscious mind. Her expertise, (and one of her greatest joys), is working with clients who, at their very core, struggle with their perceived sense self worth. She brings to the table both personal and professional healing experiences in this area, as this is something that she has struggled with in her own life.

Her life’s mission: to champion people from all walks of life to move past limitations – and step boldly back into their natural birthright of: health, joy, success, love, creativity and POWER!

Joanna will bring her extensive skills, expertise and over 20 years of experience as a Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist, Professional Counsellor, Master Life Coach, Energy Healer and Intuitive Medium.

Joanna works mostly with dedicated Truth Seekers from all around the world — delivering profound insights, spiritual truths, specific guidance and channelled information that dramatically help clients transform their lives… from inside, out.

So whether you’re a top CEO, celebrity, entrepreneur, healer, single mom or dad, or young professional — anyone eager to experience feeling more empowered, successful, excited or transformed will experience something truly life-changing during your time with Joanna.

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