JEFF (Mr. Positive Coach)
From an early age, Jeff understood and put into practice the concept of working smarter not harder. Although he credits his entrepreneurial spirit to his father, watching his single mother tirelessly work countless hours as a nurse was a main motivator for Jeff to kick it into high gear.
He founded his own business at age 19, discovered real estate investing at the age of 22 and purchased his first property at 23, all while simultaneously working full time in an advertising agency. His passion for real estate took him in the direction of multiple single family homes and apartment units, which he bought and managed for more than a decade. He has also been the owner of a yoga studio, owned and operated a construction company for several years, and jump started the careers of many others via his business and motivational training seminars. His background in competitive sports, martial arts and partnerships has taught him the importance of dedicated practice, teamwork and self-discipline.
By 2011, Jeff was professionally coaching entrepreneurs & investors nationwide, sharing his knowledge and personal experience to help others become masters of their own destiny. The past eight years have taken him through thousands of coaching calls across the United States and multiple other countries, assisting fellow entrepreneurs, real estate investors and other sales professionals. In 2016, he expanded his Speaking & Private Consulting Internationally, training CEO's all over the world.
Dedicated 100% to the idea of always improving himself, Jeff is constantly learning more about business, personal development and healthier living to improve the quality of life for himself and others. Losing his father to cancer at age 56 taught him the valuable lesson of how short life is, so when not working, Jeff has vowed to enjoy life and maintain balance. Jeff currently resides in San Diego, CA, and enjoys golfing, hiking, biking, visiting the beach and cheering on Chicago sports teams.

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