Shawn Tiberio – Mastering The Art of Fortifying Your Mind: Quitting Your Mind

About Course

Based on the award winning book Fortifying Your Mind, Author Shawn Tiberio breaks down how you can take control of that voice in your mind once and for all.

Armed with the quick tactics that are used on the battlefield by the US Marine Corps, you will walk away from this course with the needed tools to take on any challenge.

What Will You Learn?

  • Control of your inner critic
  • Accomplish more
  • Enhanced leadership
  • Stronger Team
  • Ownership of Your Time

Course Content

Intro to this course

  • Welcome To The Art of Fortifying Your Mind

What is The Concept of Fortifying Your Mind
Brief overview of what it really means to fortify your mind, Why this has become key in my success as a entrepreneur. Use the Failure cycle and looking in the past drawing.

Tactic 1 – Simplify
Let's dive into the first Tactic, Simplify.