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In this two-hour master class, transformational business, and energy, coach Nina Boski shows you how to set up your week to be as productive and happy as possible. In this class, you will learn how to set up your week ahead, so you are clear, focused, and ready for the week. Nina shares with people, “What you create is not as important as the energy you use to create it.” For example, I can be driving down the freeway, late for a meeting, yelling obscenities in road rage or I can be happy and calm, knowing that I will get here as soon as I can. It is the energy about what we create that is just as important.

How many of us start our Monday morning out, getting our cup of coffee turning on our computer, checking out our calendar and email and we just hit go? We go through the day, the week, back-to-back, never even asking ourselves, “Am I happy, effective or productive?” We just keep doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting a different result.


  • Help you focus your energy
  • Set your priorities
  • Set your energetic intention
  • Give you S.M.A.R.T. goal hacks to help keep you on track
  • Help you tune into your energy, so you can become more happy, focused, and productive.
  • It will help you set up your week for success!

Set Up Sunday can help anyone who procrastinates, has a difficult time focusing, or is stressed and filled with anxiety. It is a fun and productive master class that will get you moving towards your goals and keeping you happy, relaxed, and calm at the same time.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Clear and focused
  • Better time and energy management
  • More Productive
  • Happier and less stressed
  • Letting go of procrastination

Course Content

Module 1- Creating your Life Buckets
In this first module, we are doing one thing: Introduce you to LIFE BUCKETS so you can plan your week ahead by knowing what in your life needs to be done within a 2-4 week period. Life Buckets are the different areas of your life that you list as a priority. YOu can create general life buckets or more specific ones. Some life bucket areas include: Health, Finances, Career, Love, Family, etc. There are no right or wrong listings. It is what makes sense for how you set up your life and priorities. The goal of this exercise is to identify what 3-5 things you want to complete in the next 2-4 weeks in the different areas of your life. Here are some examples of your life buckets: Career, Money, Love, Family, Friendships, Health, Personal, Contribution to name a few. You may also have several projects you are working on in your career, so you can break out your simple buckets if you want to expand your project priorities. Or you may have a life bucket for each of your children. There is no right or wrong in creating life buckets. You can set them up any way you want. The goal is to create buckets that align with your thought process. See the PDF so once identified you can write out the life bucket areas.

  • Module 1 Life Buckets
  • Module 1 Creating your Life Buckets

Module 2 – Creating Your 3-5 Life Bucket Priorities
In this module, Nina takes you through a simple life satisfaction audit for the different areas in your life. On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate your level of satisfaction? 5 being highest, 1 being lowest. In order to rate yourself higher, you will have to be satisfied most of the time. > Career > Love (Romantic) > Health > Financial (Money) > Family > Friend > Contribution After you have rated yourself in the different areas of your life, then take about 15 minutes (or more) and identify the 3-5 items you need to achieve in the next 2-4 weeks. Once you have identified them, you will take them with you to the next module.

Module 3 – S.M.A.R.T. Goal Hacks (Now it is time to schedule!)
In this module, we are building upon the first two modules in order to now schedule our life buckets (Priorities). S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym that you can use to guide your goal setting. The life hack is using the S, M and T from the acronym (Because we already know it is attainable and relevant). To make sure your goals are clear and reachable, each one should be: Specific (simple, sensible, significant). Measurable (meaningful, motivating). Achievable (agreed, attainable). Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based). Time-bound (time-based, time-limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive) We are also going to insert “Brain Breaks” or Transitions into our schedule so we are not working 24/7. This will help us be productive and in “doing mode” and getting things done.

Module 4 – Morning Mindset and Meditation
In this fourth module, we are going to create a Morning Mindset. What you need to do when you start your day is to set your energetic intention for the day. You can use a phrase like, “I am Leading with Love” or “I am a Money Magnet”, or you can use three words, like, I am Powerful, Clear and Focused,” or I am “Connected Supported and Calm.” When the program started, I shared that it is not so much what you create, but the energy you use to create it. How are you showing up in your life? Make sure you are leading with the energy you want to create. The second part of this module is taking you through a morning mindset meditation you can use to start your day.

Module 5 – Letting Go of Distractions
Distractions are one of the biggest time and energy zappers in productivity. it causes us to feel busy but not productive. Awareness is key. In order to let go of distractions, we have to become aware of what they are in our life and business.

Module 6 – Learning to Review Your Week
In this module, we will gather what we have learned in both the setup and the review of your week. Many people that already prep for the week, do not add the review process. In the review process, you will ask yourself three questions. Find out what those questions are and start adding the evaluation part of your life to your Set Up Sunday toolbox.

Module 7 – Summary of Course and Bonus Exercise
In module 7, we summarize all that you learned in Set Up Sunday. Don't forget to download your checklist as well as your last exercise and make this part of your weekly setup and review. Also, we include a bonus exercise that helps you feel good about your progress.