Scale your Business and Brand

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Scale your Business and Brand – This program is designed to help small businesses at any level to scale both the business and brand simultaneously. This means building a brand for your business and not just the owner so that the business becomes more valuable at the time of exit. It will show small business owners how to build a foundation from mental toughness and generating rapport with your audience based on shared core values to grow their level of influence. It’s from this foundation, the small business owner can build their individual brand, business brand, and use the acceleration process to scale your business to the next level. This process is designed to scale to any level the small business owner desires to achieve in their business.

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Course Content

Module 1 – Foundation: Develop Your Mental Toughness

  • Foundation: Develop Your Mental Toughness

Module 2 – Framework: Build your Brand and Business

Module 3 – Scale your Business and Business from Your Influence

Module 4 – Putting it all Together