Rocky Buckley – The Power Persona Principle

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We live in a social age. If you’re the face of your business, if you’re a leader with any kind of visibility, you know that creating a powerful public persona is no longer a choice. 

Those who master the art and science of attraction stand out from the crowd as experts, thought leaders, and influencers.

They build large followings. They create lucrative businesses around their expertise, their passions and personalities. 

They get to experience lifestyles of fulfillment and contribution.

Those who don’t master those skills remain invisible and struggle to ever get noticed.

This course is about breaking through the noise. It’s about transforming and elevating yourself, your personal power, your charisma, your message, your story and expertise so you can have a business and life that you love and makes a profound difference in the world.

So if you’re someone who’s got big dreams, you’ve got talent and potential, and you’re not reaching the level of success you want because you can’t seem to break through, attract attention, create visibility and authority and trust in your market – something’s just not clicking…

If that’s you, you’re in the right place.

The Power Persona Principle is a framework for mastering the “inner game and outer game” success as a public figure.

As a quick overview of what you’ll learn in this course, there are 4 modules that stack and build on each other – the material is designed to work “from the inside out.”

  • Module 1 is called Inner Icon – which is all about getting clear on your inner vision for your life, your business and your identity.
  • Module 2 is Charisma Control, where we draw out all of the assets and resources you have within you to be your most magnetic self.
  • Module 3 is Brand Building, where we map out your market, your positioning strategy, and your personal brand.
  • In Module 4: Monetization Models, we take a high-level look at revenue models and expanding your brand and business into the future.

By the time we’re finished, you’ll have designed and developed the ultimate, best version of yourself at the heart of your public image – your “power persona.”

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Course Content

Life Vision

  • 1.1 – Life Vision

1.2 – Business Vision

1.3 – Identity

2.1 – Passions, Talents & Strengths

2.2 – Life Story

2.3 – Paradigms

2.4 – Personality

2.5 – Charisma

3.1- Market Mapping

3.2 – Positioning Strategy

3.3 – Personal Brand

4.1 – Price and Portfolio

4.2 – Expansion

4.3 – Closing Summary