Rewrite Your Story, Rewire Your Life

About Course

In Rewrite Your Story, Rewire Your Life we will identify the unique stories that have been playing out in your life either consciously or subconsciously. These narratives may no longer be serving you and we will break the process down through writing, yoga, meditation, and healing through reiki energy. We will be reminding the body how to release and rewire our beliefs to better support our desired goals through conscious awareness.

What Will You Learn?

  • Benefits of Rewrite Your Story, Rewire Your Life include:
  • Better understanding of why you find yourself stuck in patterns in your life.
  • Tools to help you identify and rewire old stories that have served their purpose in your life.
  • Experiences to connect with your body, heart & mind.
  • Relaxation through Reiki & Sound frequencies.
  • More clarity around the new direction you are headed in to go to new levels.

Course Content

Module 1: Setting Intentions
We'll begin by taking a few moments to set ourselves up energetically and intentionally to get clear on what your hopes are to take away from the course.

  • Module 1: Setting Intentions

Module 2: Understanding Stories
We'll begin to explore in more detail how stories show up in our lives and how they play out either on a conscious or subconscious level. You'll be guided into a visualization to begin to identify the narratives you tell yourself that could be the resistance to breaking through any stagnant energy you may be experiencing on your journey to achieving your desires.

Module 3: Deconstructing Your Story
In this module, we will go through a series of questions to help you better understand the significance of your current stories and rewrite one that will better support your growth and goals in moving forward. Please have a journal/notebook for this section.

Module 4: Subconscious Stories
We will dive deeper into the complexity of the subconscious stories and how understanding and rewiring even one aspect of our narrative can create a different ripple effect in life.

Module 5: Integration Through Movement
For this module, you'll want to be in comfy clothes and have a space where you can do some gentle movement. We will be doing yoga (any level) to help release any undigested experiences in the body to create space to integrate the seeds of the new stories you are writing for your life.

Module 6: Energy Clearing & Meditation
We will dive into clearing your energy field of these old stories through meditation, sound healing, and Reiki energy. Make sure you can be in a relaxed environment and drink plenty of water afterward.

Module 7: Wrap Up
A final wrap-up of the course and expectations for moving forward.