Passionately Pursuing Purpose Audio Training Series

About Course

In this six audio training series Andy Craig walks you through discovering your Purpose in Life, how to see Your Past is not holding you back, but actually preparing you to catapult into Your Future and understanding how you can achieve anything you truly desire so you can create the results you seek.

What Will You Learn?

  • Discover what you were created to be and do in life
  • Reframe your past so it become an asset
  • (Re)create your vision for life
  • Create a plan for growth

Course Content

Own Yourself
Discover how Your Past is a setup to catapult you into Your Future

  • Own Yourself

Your Vision and Habits
Why is Your Vision critical in life and how do Habits effect you?

Mastering Your Masterpiece
A tried and true plan to master who you are now and who you are to become.

The Achievement Blueprint
How YOU can achieve ANYTHING you truly desire!

How to Overcome Problems in Life
THE Way to overcome ANY problem you face in life.