Passionately Pursuing Purpose Audio Training Series

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In this six audio training series Andy Craig walks you through discovering your Purpose in Life, how to see Your Past is not holding you back, but actually preparing you to catapult into Your Future and understanding how you can achieve anything you truly desire so you can create the results you seek.

Do you know who you are or where you’re going in life? Andy Craig here. And as a speaker, trainer, and best selling author, I have traveled all over the US sharing what I consider to be the three indispensable keys to your success in life. And in my audio training series called Passionately Pursuing Purpose, I discuss among other things what those three keys to your success are. The first item that we’re gonna cover in this audio training series is discovering what your purpose is in life. If you haven’t already figured it out, you are actually here on this earth for a specific reason. You’re not a wandering generality. You are a meaningful specific. You’re here by design. We’re also gonna discuss how to, Well, I like to call own yourself. You see, we all have a past and me too many times, we are not proud of that past.

There’s too many mistakes that we’ve made in the past. But the reality is those challenges, those mistakes, those learning experiences are not there to hold us back from our future. In fact, they create a platform in which we get to catapult into our future with that knowledge that we have learned. And you’re also gonna learn in here how you can achieve Yes. Uh, any, yes, I said any, any desire, any goal that you have in life. There’s a specific formula that I have created that I’m gonna share with you on this audio training series. So you’re gonna learn how to discover what your purpose is in life, how to own yourself, and how you can achieve any goal, any dream, any desire that you have in life. This is Andy Craig, and I encourage you to get your copy of Passionately Pursuing Purpose.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Discover what you were created to be and do in life
  • Reframe your past so it become an asset
  • (Re)create your vision for life
  • Create a plan for growth

Course Content

Passionately Pursuing Purpose Audio Training
Discover how Your Past is a setup to catapult you into Your Future

  • Own Yourself
  • Your Vision and Habits
  • How to Overcome Problems in Life
  • Mastering Your Masterpiece
  • Achievement Blueprint