Lynesa Williams – Stuck In A Fat Body – Choose HAPPY

About Course

Do You Feel Stressed Or Stuck Trying To Lose Weight?

“Stuck In A Fat Body – Choose HAPPY,” is a mini-course to “The BellaBody” 9 Week Masterclass where you are empowered to ELIMINATE WEIGHT the right way this time and keep it off. The ultimate goal throughout this mini-course is to provide you with a few tips that will transform your BODY, MIND, and SOUL to the BEAUTIFUL BEING that God desired you to be so you can begin your own personal LIFESTYLE change.

What Will You Learn?

  • How a simple four-step process can help you STOP using food to medicate your pain.
  • How to identify if you are eating out of pain or sustenance.
  • Three steps to controlling Secretive Eating.
  • Why it is essential to understand Portion Control and how never to overeat again.
  • The five harmful effects that come from overeating and how to avoid them.
  • Six signs that you SUFFER from SECRET eating.
  • Three steps to treating your Body with GOODNESS God's way
  • How to overcome the urge of using COMFORT FOODS to mask your true feelings when you are hurting.
  • How the risk of excess weight later in life holds a variety of dangers to your health and well-being.

Course Content

Course Content
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  • Module 1 – Stuck In A Fat Body – Choose HAPPY
  • Module 2 – H – HURTING or HUNGRY
  • Module 4 – P – STANDS FOR PORTION
  • Module 5 – P – STANDS FOR PRIVACY
  • Module 6 – Y – STANDS FOR YOU