Flora Sofia – Becoming and Living The Beautiful Power

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About Course

This course will give you unique and groundbreaking tools that will break free from outdated conditioning, preconceived ideas of who you are supposed to be, and the need for validation.

What would you do if you had absolute certainty that you were born to be magnificent and knew nothing and nobody could ever take that away from you?

The sad truth is that from the beginning of our lives most of us have been taught all about our shortcomings but not enough about the inherent sovereignty we have over our lives and our ability to be, do, and have anything.

The unconventional yet simple tools taught here will help you recognize your true worth, create your own model of success, and have an ironclad relationship with yourself.

Have you ever felt awful after comparing yourself to another woman? Criticized your body? Stayed quiet in order to be liked? Made your happiness someone else’s responsibility? Have you ever felt ashamed of something you’ve done? Overdone to the point of burnout? Done the opposite of what you wanted so as not to upset someone?

This course will help you put an end to all of that. It starts out by laying a foundation that explains to you that there has never been anything wrong with you. AND

  1. It gives you back your own Power;
  2. It teaches you about Becoming Your Best Friend;
  3. It helps you recognize when it’s time to Change;
  4. It reminds you of the Courage you’ve always had;
  5. It imprints the importance of Resilience;
  6. It gives you full permission to embrace an unbreakable Loyalty to yourself;
  7. It shines a new light on Respect for yourself and for others;
  8. It aids you in loving your own Image;
  9. It guarantees you’ll be The Best Company Around.

After learning the basics in Becoming The Beautiful Power you’ll move on to an advanced set of knowledge in Living The Beautiful Power, which supports you in solidifying what you’ve learned and re-affirms how incredible you can to be, BECAUSE

  1. It gives you tools to bring the New You into the World ;
  2. It shows you how to continue being Empowered in The World ;
  3. And what to do When Others Aren’t Empowered yet,
  4. It encourages you to use your brilliance to better a Disempowering Society;
  5. It provides solutions to re-affirming yourself as an Empowered Woman around women who are not yet empowered;
  6. It distinguishes ways of Being Empowered Around Men;
  7. And it offers perspectives and tools to have Your Health, Empowered.

When you conclude these two modules you’ll have discovered an entirely new way of being, will be highly confident in yourself, will live a life free of and fruitless comparison and competition, and will not accept anything that hurts your integrity and self-worth. You’ll have fully owned your sovereignty over your life.

The days of feeling confused around men, challenged by other women, demoralized by offensive people are over. You’ll no longer be held hostage to bad programming about who you are, or to regretting a knee-jerk reaction.  And you will come out loving yourself like you never thought possible, being highly self-sufficient, and being a role model for other women to follow.

Welcome to The Beautiful Power,


Flora Sofia.



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