Fictional Authenticity – The Course – Start Living Your Real Life

About Course

What if you lived your life from what you were excited about, passionate about, and from what you loved?

What if you stopped living from fear, doubt, anxiety, stress, the pressures to be perfect or please others?

What if you lived audaciously from a place of authenticity?

It’s time to start living YOUR REAL LIFE!

I believe you are here because you are over the need to be perfect, to please others, or to be someone for everyone.  I believe you are here because you desire more joy, more fulfillment, and more deep connection in your life.  I believe you are here because you want to live a life that feels more true and authentic to who you deeply are.  And I believe that many of you are here because we’ve been so brain washed by our families, friends, media, religions, and communities to think we are one thing or taught to behave a certain way that we aren’t actually sure who we really are.

This course is designed to support you to discover more of who you really are at your core.  It will support you to close the gap between the life you have and the life you want.  It will guide you to live from passion, love, joy, and your truth.

This is the action plan you have been waiting for.

You will thrive not only in life, but will have the change to make more money!  I have clients who have grown their business 500% in 3 months working with me.  I have clients who have 6x’d their income in our first year working together.  I have clients who have quit the jobs they hated to start a business and out earned their pervious career in the first year.  One client went from $4K a month to $30K a month in the first 6 months working together.

And because money isn’t the most important thing, this course will support you to live a life with more energy and time for what is important to you.  When you stop using your energy and time the way others want you to, you free up yourself to create healthier relationships to yourself and others. To connected more deeply and authentically with your partners, families, kids, friends, and even colleagues.  You will be less stressed, frustrated, and reduce anxiety, and sadness.

You will also learn to communication more powerfully and step more fully into leadership.

What is possible if you chose to live this ONE life being 100% true to who you are?

Ready to find out?

Let’s get started!

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What Will You Learn?

  • -More self awareness
  • -Access to more personal freedom
  • -Feeling more joy, deep relationships, and connection with self and others
  • -Improved money mindset
  • -Growth in leadership skills, management skills, ie communication, discipline, and commitment
  • -Learning strategies and tools for personal and professional success

Course Content

Ready to get started!

Module 1 – Your Fear Stories

Module 2 – What Are Your Goals

Module 3 – Your BluePrint

Module 4 – Trusting Yourself

Module 5 – Bringing It All Together