Alex Terranova – Stop Procrastinating

About Course

This 7 module program is designed to support you to level up!  What does that mean?  Well, if you eliminated the road blocks in your life, got free from unnecessary dramas, distractions, and set yourself up more powerfully to win, what might be possible?

If you were able to stop procrastinating, stop self sabotaging, eliminate limiting beliefs, shut down the power leaks in your life, and started getting present to your commitments, got focused on what you want, created accountability, knew and honed in on what makes you unique and powerful what could you accomplish?

I know that when you do this become able to be more focused, create more love, more money, more joy, more connection, and more fulfillment in your life.  You will be able to accomplish more in less time, with less effort, and feel better about the life you are living.

This course will support anyone that completes it to create more love, joy, fulfillment, and success in their life. You learn techniques, structures, practices to be more focused, committed, disciplined, and accountable to your goals. You will become more aware of your patterns and behaviors giving you the opportunity to change them. You will become more confident, clear, and present to the life you want to live.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Stop self sabotaging and creating drama in your own life
  • Get present and stay focused on your wants and desires
  • How to create accountability
  • How to find and eliminate power leaks
  • Live from your commitments and not your feelings
  • Eliminate predictable limiting beliefs and stop buying into your excuses
  • Discover and empower what makes you powerful, your Superman
  • Let go of the past and moving powerfully forward

Course Content

Course Content
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  • Stop Procrastinating and Creating Drama in Your Life
  • What Do You Want and Desire
  • Power Leaks – What Are You Not Paying Attention To
  • Your NorthStar aka Your Commitments
  • Predictable Limiting Beliefs – Stop The Excuses
  • What Is Your Superman – What Makes Your Powerful
  • Letting Go – Leave The Past In The Past