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Christopher Salem - Keynote speaker and award-winning business executive coach

Chris is a popular keynote speaker and award-winning business executive coach who mentors both business leaders and organizations to scale their brands and business by raising their level of influence and trusted advisors. In addition, he offers solutions for enhancing corporate culture from shared values, improving workplace communications for increasing employee engagement, and producing at a higher level through mental toughness.

He works with small business owners to Fortune 500 companies and is an Adjunct Instructor in Entrepreneurial and Business Programs for Westchester Community College and University of Hartford. He also serves as the CEO for Empowered Fathers in Action, Inc- a 501c organization.  His weekly radio shows are Sustainable Success, sharing a wealth of information to listeners on Voice of America Influencers and Business Influencers with TalRadio-Inspiring Kindness.

Chris’ passion as a speaker, author and coach stems from his backstory of overcoming personal and business struggles while coming out ahead through a sustainable process. He firmly believes in order to succeed one must look inside to find peace, harmony, and happiness.  His book, Master Your Inner Critic / Resolve the Root Cause-Create Prosperity, has been an international best seller since 2016. He also co-authored the recent edition to Mastering The Art of Success, with Jack Canfield  Chris is married with a son and lives in Connecticut.

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