Angeline Wehmeyer is a two times best selling author, seasoned investor, and national speaker on the topic of mastering your finances.

For the last decade, Angeline has made it her mission to help others achieve their financial dreams using her simple and attainable wealth blueprint.

At a young age, Angeline knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur and investor. From humble beginnings in China to amassing a multi million dollar empire in the USA, Angeline has spent countless hours studying the secrets of the financial industry. After amassing a sizable real estate portfolio of over 1,000 housing units, Angeline shifted her focus to expanding her income streams through investing. After many years of success, she founded the “Financial Genius Academy” to teach people how to master their finances.

Her passion is to empower people with the knowledge and mindset they need to create an even stronger financial foundation for their family. One that can weather any storm in life.

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Financial Foundation Course – Angeline Wehmeyer

Financial Foundation Course – Angeline Wehmeyer


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