Alicia Couri

Alicia Couri is the Confidence Growth Expert

As the Audacious Confidence™ Growth Expert and former Mrs. Elite U.S. Woman of Achievement, Alicia Couri, strives to Influence, Educate, Inspire, and Entertain to empower leaders to show up boldly in every situation in life.
She is the Founder and CEO of Alicia Couri Inc., a boutique consulting firm that specializes in developing audaciously proactive leaders and teams using brain science and people data to get results. She produces and hosts a nationally syndicated podcast: “Leading with Audacious Confidence” is an Author, Speaker, Actor and, producer & host of 2 Webshows "Small Business Saturday Shout-Out" and Love My Body, Love Myself".

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Building Your Audacious Confidence for Every Situation – Alicia Couri

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Building Your Audacious Confidence for Every Situation

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