What We Offer

Mind Motion brings multiple talents from around the world to share information, trainings, courses and content contained within the Mind Motion Library. We welcome you to look around and engage with some of these life transforming programs.

1. You Get

Life-Changing Programs with Basic Membership

Mind Motion Academy provides a library of courses, trainings, audios, exercises and live events. All of these programs will be made available to you as a member for $10. For this amount, you get life altering knowledge that can be applied and practiced for a fulfilled and successful happy life.

2. You Can

View anywhere, cell to desktop

All courses, events and trainings can be viewed on any device. We now include live events for all mobile devices as well. You will be connected wherever you are.

3. Let's

Start Transforming

Mind Motion is excited that you can begin your journey of transformation in your life. These programs made available to you are always expanding and evolving, as we add more and more highly successful professionals to share their secrets that you can put into practice today. Get started with your life altering journey!

Get ready to become a Mind Motion Member soon!

Courses, trainings, audiobooks, Live events and more are now made available to you for $10. Our world class contributors offer these trainings as part of your basic membership so you can reach your highest potential.
  • Includes everything in the Mind Motion Membership Library for a lifelong education
  • Weekly free events and programs also available to all members
  • Can be viewed on any device at any time. iPhone, Android, Mac and PC
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The Mind Motion Academy Model

Mind Motion brings together the most talented professionals from around the world to offer life-changing tutorials, courses, trainings and events. Our goal is to provide content that is transformational by reprogramming the heart and mind for continued healing, joy and success. The Mind Motion community continues to evolve with new speakers and trainers being added monthly. You'll always be plugged into this life-changing education to live your life to its fullest potential.